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Johan Santana Ny Mets Pitcher Accused of Sexual Battery, Responds

Johan Santana, NY Mets Pitcher accused of sexual battery.  A police report filed in the Lee County Sheriff's Office on October 28, 2009 indicates that Santana allegedly attacked a young woman, identified only as Jane Doe, on golf course in Fort Myers, Florida.  The report claims that Santana was walking with the woman on the course when Santana "began to kiss her and pull up her top, unclasping her bra."  Then Santana "began to pull at" the woman's skirt or skort when he "placed his hands in her" undergarments.  The accuser maintains that she refused Santana's advances "multiple times but Johan persisted."  The accuser went on to say that Santana went on to penetrate, grab, and bruise her before the ordeal ended as he "ejaculated on her upper thigh."  The accuser then allegedly "cleaned her thigh" with her undergarments.  The accuser then went on to witness a tennis match between Santana and another individual.  One day after the incident on October 27, 2010, the accuser went to the police.

A detective from the Sheriff's office has "collected" the accuser's clothing perhaps as evidence and for DNA testing.  The DNA test proved there was intercourse but the case lacked sufficient evidence to "prove lack of consent" as the accusers statement was "not consistent with other witnesses."   The case was dismissed on December 8, 2009.

Santana responded to the accusations on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 before a game at Citi Field.  Santana stated: "I will make you a statement and hopefully, I will make myself clear.  I'm aware of this situation.  What I can tell you is that police had investigated these claims last year and I was never charged with anything and the case is closed. Unfortunately, at this time, that is all I can say.  I have no further comments."   

The Mets also released a statement addressing the incident: "We're aware of the situation.  It's a personal matter."  No word on how the accusations have affected the pitcher's personal life.  Santana has known his wife, Yasmile, since he was 9.  The couple have two daughters, Jasmily and Jasmine, as well as a newborn son, Johan Jr.

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