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John Gotti, of the Gambino Crime Family, Opened Up to CBS' 60 Minutes

John Gotti, of the Gambino crime family, opened up to CBS' 60 Minutes reporter Steve Kroft and discussed his life in the most influential mafia family within the United States. Gott's name has been synonymous with the mob for over thirty years.

John Gotti Senior died in prison eight years ago but passed on his mob connections to his son John Jr. Apparently John Jr wants out of the mob so desperately he's telling Hollywood, the press, and the public everything he can. John Gotti Jr was on trial four time in the past five years without a federal conviction. With his lawyer by his side, Gotti opened up to correspondent Steve Kroft and told the details of growing up in one of the most powerful mob families in U.S. history. Gotti described his love for his father, coined as "The Dapper Don" for his $2,000 dollar Italian suits and handpainted ties. Gotti also described his childhood as "normal" with the exception of "other than my father being away from home, you know, being incarcerated, and the hours that he kept, our house was a pretty normal house." John Jr was unaware of his father's mafia ties until he was 14 and in military school when while watching television, his father's occupation was mentioned on the news. John Jr. stated in the 60 Minutes interview: "And I remember, was 1979. And we're watching a show...And they're saying, 'This man's a captain in the Gambino family, and this, that and the other thing.' And they're talking about him. And I'm mortified. I'm in the back row, and I'm watching this. I'm not saying nothing. And they says, 'John Gotti,' and they're talking. So now, suddenly, the other cadets start turning to look at me. Say, 'He's got the same name as you.' 'Yeah, he certainly does.' Another kid says, 'Hey wait a minute. That guy was here last week.' And at that point…it's there. You know, there. Now it's all on the table, you know."

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