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John Mayer Fuels Katy Perry Rekindled Romance Rumors at Recent Milwaukee Show

Reports of a rekindled romance between ladies man/guitarist/crooner John Mayer and pop starlet Katy Perry first surfaced in June 2013 and now it seems Mayer added some fuel to the rumor fires during a show in Milwaukee on Saturday, July 6, 2013. Concertgoers not only feasted on Mayer's musical mastery but also witnessed a heartfelt dedication to Katy during the finale of his show.

Sources suggest that while introducing his latest release, "A Face To Call Home," Mayer stated: "To Katy, who is my face to call home." He also described her as "more incredible than I ever thought." He conveniently omitted the couple's brief parting-of-ways just a couple months back when they split in March.

Best of all, this very public declaration of adoration was witnessed by Katy herself as she was in attendance of the show. Isn't that sooooo sweet???

Judge for yourself by giving the song a listen or by reading more !

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