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Jolicloud's Jolibook November Launch

Jolicloud, creater of Ubuntu's HTML5 powered cloud computing operating system, has announced the November launch of a netbook dubbed Jolibook. Details regarding the product have not yet been made public. Insiders leaked the 10.1 inch netbook will feature an Intel Atom N550 processor and unique color schemes. Jolibook will also run Jolicloud 1.1, the most up-to-date version of the Linux cloud operating system. The Jolibook will host web applications, similar to Google Docs and Twitter, in a browser based system much like Google Chrome. The Jolibook features a social networking integration allowing Jolicloud users to share installed apps with other users.

The offical unveil date has not been announced but is expected later this month. The price of the Jolibook has not been confirmed but has been promised to be "affordable."

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