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Jon and Kate Gosselin Officially Announce Separation and File Divorce Papers

Jon and Kate Gosselin finally put rumors to rest Monday when they officially announced they would be separating during a special episode of their reality show, “Jon and Kate plus 8.” had reported hours earlier that the couple had filed divorce papers after 10 years of marriage.

As for whether or not the show played a part in their split, Kate says she thinks it would have happened either way. "I believe it's a chapter that would have played out had the world been watching or not," she said.

"We don't have anything now. It's just like two people who happen to live here," Jon said. "It's just not good for our kids, for us to be arguing in front of our kids. We can't be cordial in front of each other, so we decided to separate.

Both said that they don't "hate" each other, and that divorcing was the best decision for the children.

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