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Jon Stewart Declares to Egypt "Hands Off Anderson Cooper!"

During last night's The Daily Show. host Jon Stewart declared to Egypt "Hands off Anderson Cooper." Stewart's statement followed the political turmoil in Egypt which encompasses attacks on several news reporters, including CNN's Anderson Cooper. Upon airing footage of the riots and unrest throughout Egypt, Stewart quipped: "Now you've gone too far. Hands off Anderson Cooper! There is not to be a silvery wisp out of place on that man's glorious head!"

Stewart went on to state that the only person permitted to "assault" Cooper is comedienne Kathy Griffin, offering "And even she is granted the honor but once a year."

Cooper is reportedly still anchoring the news from Egypt and aired footage for two hours last night in low lighting, crouched on the floor. Cooper posted via Twitter yesterday: "Thanks for tweets of concern...I'm sore and head hurts but fine. Neil and mary anne are bruised but ok too."

To see Jon Stewart's Anderson Cooper Clip From The Daily Show, Click Below:

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