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Joran Van Der Sloot Confessed to Flores Murder

Joran Van Der Sloot confessed to murdering Stephany Flores.   A high ranking Peruvian official reported to NBC news on June 7, 2010 that Van Der Sloot confessed to killing 21 year old Flores in his Lima, Peru hotel room.   A Peruvian newspaper titled "La Republica" also reported that Van Der Sloot admitted to breaking Flores' neck after she made use of his personal laptop to retrieve information regarding Natalee Holloway's May 30, 2005 disappearance.  Van Der Sloot confessed and then later refuted to his involvement in Holloway's disappearance and seems Flores was killed because of it.  Surveillance video within the Lima hotel/casino proves Van Der Sloot's involvement in the horrific beating death of Flores.  The video also shows Van Der Sloot and Flores entering his hotel room and him exiting 4 hours.  Van Der Sloot fled to Chile and two days after his departure, Flores' body was found by hotel staff.  On Saturday, police released the video and Van Der Sloot's confession. Van Der Sloot's guilty admission included slight remorse: "I did not want to do it.  The girl intruded into my private life...she didn't have any right."  

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