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Joseph Barker Killed Pitbull With Tire Iron for Incessant Barking

Joseph Barker, a thirty five year old Fort Pierce, Florida, resident allegedly killed his Pitbull with a tire iron following the dog's incessant barking. Police reports maintain that Barker hired a friend for $20 dollars to drive him and the three year old canine named "Sam" to the L-20 canal. Barker then struck the dog repeatedly with a tire iron before tossing the dog into the canal. The dog then swam out of the water, struggled to climb an embankment, then was stabbed with a knife in the neck 26 times by Barker until it eventually died. A member of Barker's family went to the canal to recover the dog's body and turned Barker into the police.

The St. Lucie Count Sheriff's Office has filed animal cruelty charges against Barker. Barker is being held in jail without bail.

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