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Julia Roberts Gains Ten Pounds for a Movie


Whilst filming the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”, Julia Roberts put on a staggering ten pounds and enjoyed it thoroughly. The amazing thing is that she gained all the weight in a week! According to the statement made by America’s favorite actress, the weight gain just was not on a whim but a planned effort in collaboration with Director Ryan Murphy.

Julia Roberts was seen gorging on plates over plates of pizza and pasta on the set of “Eat, Pray, Love”. All of you out there who want to lose a few pounds, now you know what foods to avoid!

The movie for which the actress has been losing her figure is based on the best-selling memoir of Elizabeth Gilbert and showcases all her travels around the world. There are photos of before and after all over the internet and you can see the difference that the extra padding has made to Julia Robert’s pretty face.  Julia Roberts weighed 125 pounds when she started off with her crazy routine of stuffing herself whilst shooting in Italy for the movie that is to be released soon.

Some of us might be fearful of packing on a few pounds, but when it comes to the gorgeous actress, the extra weight is welcome all the way in order to make her look the part she’s playing. 


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