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Julia Roberts Pregnant at 46???

There may be a bun in the oven for forty six year old actress Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder. Or at least that's the buzz among the rags and the tabs! Shots of a very "thickened middled" Roberts have surfaced and though they were taken during Thanksgiving week, we don't think turkey and pie are to blame. Rumor has it the Roberts-Moder family of 5 will increase by one (or perhaps even two again!) in the not so distant future.

And Roberts' a-lined dresses for formal press events of late combined with a bunched yet flowy waisted blouse and interesting array of jackets only add fuel to the baby fire. Plus Roberts was BAREFOOT beside longtime friend George Clooney whom she presented with the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film event in November.

So it seems that Roberts is either toting a baby bump or the paunch of a middle aged woman. But perhaps nine year old twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, as well as six year old Henry, will have a new baby sister or brother to cuddle????

Keep your eyes peeled and patience flowing as we wait to see if Roberts joins the ranks of other 40-something Hollywood moms having babies!

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