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Jupiter Struck by Asteroid, Huge Fireball Results

Jupiter was struck by an asteroid and a huge fireball results on June 3, 2010 at 4:31 p.m. EST.  Astronomers captured the collision between the biggest planet of the solar system and an asteroid or comet, as well as the ensuing fireball. This is the second recorded collision since July 2009. The July 2009 collision left a visible "scarring" on Jupiter's surfaces estimated to be equal in size to the Pacific Ocean.   

Amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley from Australia was the first to note the resulting flash and has captured the collision on camera. Christopher Go of the Phillipines, managed to record the event.  Go went on the record to express his feelings of disbelief, stating "I still can't believe that I caught a live impact on Jupiter."

Astronomers still have not determined the source of the June 3rd collision.  NASA speculates that a meteor strike caused the fireball as no surface scarring is visible on Jupiter, unlike the July 2009 collision.  An in depth study has begun following the recent collision.  Officials believe that an object entered Jupiter's orbit from the west as all telescopes are carefully monitoring changes on the planet to provide answers and further investigation.

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