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Justin Bieber Postpones Concert at New York State Fair!

A record number of people turned up at the New York State Fair 2010 with almost 30000 more people in attendance than last year. The New York State Fair 2010 opened on Thursday, the 27th of August, to the cheers of the excited crowds who were looking forward to limitless fun. The New York State Fair promises blockbuster entertainment, a place to sample local wines, listen to great music live and have a great time, generally.

The best part about the New York State Fair is that it caters to the tastes of different people and holds something for everyone to enjoy. Ranging from over a dozen live concerts to midway rides and games to contests and competitions with exciting prizes to agricultural and historical exhibitions, there is something for everyone to have a great time at the New York State Fair.

Although everyone is having a superb time at the New York State Fair, the postponement of the Justin Bieber concert acted as a little damper on the spirits of
the attendees looking forward to it. Justin Bieber is the teenage YouTube pop sensation who is adored by millions of fans. Justin Bieber could not make his presence on the allocated date and time due to illness. The performance in the New York State Fair has been shifted to Wednesday now.

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