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Justin Bieber's Recent Sleeping Video Footage Captured by Brazilian Prostitute???

In "OH NO NOT THE BIEBS" news, the recent video of Justin Bieber sleeping following a night of devilish debauchery on December 19 which surfaced earlier this week was apparently filmed by a Brazilian prostitute! Apparently the hooker (identified as Tati Neves) and ten of the other "ladies of the night" she worked with connected with the nineteen year old at the Le Palace adult nightclub. The girls returned to Biebs' hotel room with his entourage and were required to surrender their purses plus cell phones before continuing to "party."

Eventually the "party" dwindled to just the Biebs and hooker. And for $500 bucks, the woman "did everything!" to the singer after he began kissing her on "the forehead and nose." The romp lasted all of an hour and "was super delicious. Because not every day do you get to be with someone famous, especially someone like him...he's a love of a man! A cutie patootie!"

And as for "little Biebs" the hooker spilled he was of "average" size...

After the hooker's account of the evening was published at a site identified as, the world is rejoicing that only video footage of the troubled young man surfaced and NOT a sex tape...

Here's a pic of the woman:

For more, go here to the Hollywood Insider

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