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Justin Bieber's Sesame Street Themed Party Full of Naked Women?!?

Tween singing sensation Justin Bieber through one hell of a Sesame Street party on Friday, November 15, 2013. It was so great that many of the women there were naked and attendees were forced to sign a gag agreement insisting they wouldn't share any details of the festivities. If attendees did leak info, they'd face up to $3 million dollars in penalties.

The shin-dig was held in Bieber's Calabasas, California residence and one insider let slip that it bordered the iconic "Great Gatsby" parties of lore. The gathering featured the likes of Rapper Chris Brown, boxer Floyd Mayweather, rapper Snoop, rapper T.I., rapper Trey Songz, 20 strippers, cash, 3 open bars stocked with booze, weed, kush, strip beer pong, and even a police report filed by a neighbor for "disturbing the peace."

And apparently some of the women there decided their clothes were just too much so they took them off!

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