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Kansas City Woman Coined "Dog Lady"

Kate Quigley of Kansas City, Missouri, has made it her personal mission to offer amenities to abused and neglected dogs. Locals nicknamed her "the dog lady" and "Miss Kate." In her 1986 Dodge Ram pickup, she delivers food and shelter to otherwise neglected or abused local dogs.

Quigley's dedication to her work is profound. She is a recently divorced, busy mom of three with two dogs of her own. Quigley works six days a week searching for dogs who need assistance, "borrowing" pets to have them spayed and neutered, gathering information from owners, and leaving food and medical supplies for owners who may not have the means or intelligence to care for their dog/s.

Last year, Quigley managed to feed over 14,700 pounds of dog food. She also helped 438 cats and 562 dogs get spayed or neutered. She donated 95 dog houses. She also spoke with over 3,000 people, all in the effort to help improve conditions for dogs. Quigley has been rescuing dogs since the age of 16 because “You have to make allowances for what you can and cannot do. At the end of the day, if we can change the life of even one dog, it matters.”

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