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Kansas Heatwave Kills 2,000+ Cows

Kansas heat wave kills 2,000+ cows.  Since July 15, 2010, residents and animals in the midwestern state felt high temperatures and humidity that contributed to severe heat related cattle losses.  Environmental scientist Ken Powell of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment believes that the humidity was more to blame in the cattle deaths and stated: "From the standpoint of dealing with the disposal of animals, this is the worst I have seen in the almost 17 years I've been here."

Rendering plants have been overwhelmed with the unusual number of dead cattle.  Feedlots have resorted to burying the carcasses.  From an economic standpoint, the losses have raised cattle futures. 

Meteorologists predict temperatures in the upper 90 degree to 100 degree farenheit range through Friday, July 23, 2010.


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