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Kanye West's Caustic Abortion Tweets, New Video All the Lights Pulled From YouTube

Kanye West is strumming controversy (again) for his caustic Tweets regarding abortion and has his newest video, titled All Of The Lights, pulled from YouTube. West fired aim at the women who have abortion with his latest Twitter post stating Wednesday: "an abortion can cost a ballin' n*gga up to 50gs maybe a 100. Gold diggin' b**ches be getting pregnant on purpose. #STRAPUP my n*ggas!"

West's comments predictably set the 'Net ablaze and landed him in the melting pot of angry backlash, to which West cleared up any lingering doubt with "It ain't happen to me but I know people." British pop recording artist Lily Allen stepped forward and spoke for the majority of the people outraged by West's comments. Allen retweeted West's posts and added: "Never has a tweet put me in such a bad mood. This is wrong on so many levels."

To further West's crazy week, the video for his latest song, All Of The Lights, has been pulled by YouTube for it's possibility to cause people with epilepsy seizures. As epileptic people are often photo-sensitive, the video in all of its strobe light filled entirity has been yanked to the applause of Epilepsy Action. The group issued a statement which read: "We are really pleased it [All Of The Lights] has been taken down. We're not quite sure yet whether it is YouTube or Kanye West's representatives who have made this decision, or if it is a permanent
move. For now we are delighted that our fears have been listened to and people with photosensitive epilepsy are no longer at risk." But what about the rest of us?

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