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Kanye West Interupts Patrick Swayze Funeral

In an absolute parody The Spoof declared that Kanye West interupted Patrick Swayze's funeral with this remark:

During a service being held to remember the life and career Patrick Swayze, West barged his way into the pastor's pulpit, comandered the mic and launched into a tyrade on the '80s star's death and funeral.

After seizing the platform from the startled reverend West said, "I'm happy for your Patrick and I'll let them finish your service in a minute but I just wanted to say that Michael had one of the best funerals ever!"

While I find this 'humorous' on many levels, it leaves much to be desired. Patrick Swayze is a man, Kanye West not so much. Patrick had an amazing fight with cancer, and never once let his guard down. He fought to the end with such an amazing spirit.

I'm so glad this isn't true.

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