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Kate Bosselin Botox Picture: Botched Injections

A photo of Kate Gosselin sporting mega arched eyebrows points to a botched botox job, as plastic surgeons weigh in on what went wrong.

Kate Gosselin, who had a tummy tuck to repair the damage done by carrying all those children, and recently got hair extensions to tame her signature short hairdo, has now turned to facial injections to tame the signs of aging.

Us Weekly, among other outlets, has posted the Kate Gosselin picture - where the reality mom looks a little too much like The Grinch.

Among the doctors sounding off is Dr. Michael Olding, chief of plastic surgery at George Washington University, who says Kate “has the typical appearance of Dysport or Botox poorly placed in the space between the brows where frown lines occur... the lateral part of her brow is elevated in an abnormally high position, which my patients refer to as McDonald’s arches!”

Source: TV Crunch

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