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Kate Gosselin Admits to Meltdown While on 'The View'

While guest hosting on “The View”, Kate Gosselin admitted to having a meltdown this weekend at her Pennsylvania home.

"It's hard," Kate said. "This is definitely different. But I react to it the only way I can, and I will continue to react that way. For the sake of my children I will continue to take the high road, because it is the only road for me. But to be honest, I had a meltdown over the weekend in the privacy of my own home.”

She continued, "People in the public eye are held to a higher standard and meltdowns happen; we're all human."

On quitting the show, Kate, 34, said: "The show has really changed. People say just stop and pull out. But I can't. This is a job. I'm a single mom and I need to be out there working on my job... essentially I'm doing this by myself. I'm responsible now."

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