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Kate Gosselin at the Beach in a Bikini

Kate Gosselin, of TLC's hit show "Jon and Kate Plus 8", bared all in a bikini while vacationing alone with her children on North Carolina’s Bald Head Island Sunday. While her husband Jon was absent, further adding to a rumored rift between the television couple, Gosselin carted her kids around in golf carts and enjoyed time by the pool.

Is she looking for a man or just some publicity for her show? Despite the fact that Jon and Kate’s marriage is in obviously in trouble, the season premiere received over 9.8 million viewers last Monday, making it the most watched episode ever. Speculation right now is that the pair have completely split and are living apart and that the film crew has also split to film them both.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 continues its season with week two airing on TLC tonight.

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