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Kate Middleton First UK Royal to Participate in Baby Shower

Kate Middleton is breaking tradition by following it! The seven months pregnant Duchess of Cambridge is going to be the first UK Royal to participate in a baby shower hosted by her younger sister, Pippa. Many reports are suggesting the "lavish affair" will be held at Middleton's family estate in Berkshire. The date of the shower is not expected to made public as the royal couple would like to maintain as much privacy as possible for the event though it's safe to assume it will be held any moment since the baby is due to arrive on July 13, 2013. Middleton's brother, James, is expected to make the cake for the event. The guest list is set to include members of the Royal Family, members of Middleton's family, and close friends which makes us wonder: Will the Queen attend?

A source close to Prince William and Kate offered an apt assertion of the shower to The Sun with "It isn't royal tradition but Kate isn't a traditional Royal." The source also insisted: "[Kate] is modern and wants a normal life. Prince Harry, Kate, and William are the Royal Family's link to the younger generation."

The event will be held with "the Queen's blessing."

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