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Kate Middleton Hot Bikini Pictures (Photos)

Kate Middleton and Prince William announced their engagement on the same day hot pictures of the future princess made waves on the internet. Judging from the photos, Middleton is fit to be a queen. Prince William's future wife was snapped on September 1, 2006 clad in a white bikini in Ibiza by the spying eye of a photographer's lens, a situation Kate is all too familiar with. Middleton has been at the center of media madness since she began dating William. The Sun's royal photographer, Arthur Edwards affirmed in a recent interview Middleton "has been stopped at traffic lights, where they [paparazzi] climb off their motorbikes and start photographing her. She's been out shopping in stores and they run into the stores after her. She uses public transport a lot - or she did - but they climb on the buses and the bus driver is having to throw them off."

The captivating 28 year old, future Mrs. Prince William, met her soon to be husband in 2003 during college at St. Andrew's University in Fife, Scotland. The pair have had an on and off again relationship since a 2007 split. William and Kate offically concretized their relationship last month while on a holiday in Kenya with a wedding expected in Spring or Summer of 2011.

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