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Kate Middleton Sports RIDICULOUSLY FLAT ABS at SportsAid Charity Event

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wife of William, and mom to the Royal Baby whose name is bigger than he is, is superhuman. We don't know how she did it but recent photographs of her taken at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London while she attended a charity event hosted by SportsAid offered us a glimpse at her RIDICULOUSLY FLAT ABS. (And maybe her awesome volleyball skills.)

The images have made half of the female population ponder: HOW. DID. SHE. GET. SO. IMPOSSIBLY. THIN.? Especially since she just had little Prince George Alexander Louis on July 22 of this year!!!

The good news is that Middleton's svelte figure helped draw attention to the sports workshop supporting youngsters as they embark on their athletic careers. As a patron to SportsAid, the Dutchess has met with many of the group's participants to gather a "detailed insight into the challenges they face" and in turn do her part to do good.

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