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Kate Middleton's Sheer, Cheap Charlotte Todd Dress Worth $150K

Kate Middleton, future bride of the UK Royal Prince Henry, donned a sheer dress worth approximately $50 dollars at a college fashion show that may be worth over $150k per reports from auction houses.

The see through and cheap slip dress may have been the bait that hooked Kate her Prince as she strode a catwalk in the Charlotte Todd design during the couple's courting days at the University of Fife. Todd recently stated in an interview that the value of the dress, sewn together with a mere $50 worth of fabric, has grown to approximately $5,000 since the college sweethearts announced their engagement. Todd told interviewers she will not sell of the dress as it is "part of fashion history - the moment William could first have fallen in love with Kate - and that makes me really proud. If it hadn't been see-through, William might not have noticed her. I definitely think it has played a part in the royal love story."

Todd predicts that that number will grow to an astounding $150,000 dollars after the Royal Wedding, despite the fact that until the engagement was announced, the dress hung in the back of Todd's closet just taking up space.

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