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Kathy Griffin, Elisabeth Hasselbeck Feud Continues

Last week, Elisabeth Hasselbeck fueled her feud with Kathy Griffin after calling Kathy "scum" for her remark about Senator Scott Brown's daughters being prostitutes. While Elisabeth addressed Kathy's unneccesary comments and brought attention to the idea that famous people's kids should be off limits for comedy, she also drummed up a whole lot of attention for Griffin, who will no doubt see some improvements in her reality series ratings and comedy show attendance.

After Scott Brown addressed the comment, Griffin took to Twitter to post her delight over the exposure, saying, “haha, Scott Brown is the Spencer Pratt of the US Senate. THIS is a great time 2 come c me live. OF COURSE I’m lovin all the publicity LOVIN IT.”

Kathy Griffin will appear on the July 27 Chelsea Lately, where she no doubt will discuss her ongoing Elisabeth Hasselbeck feud with Chelsea Handler.

Source: TV Crunch

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