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Katy Perry Declines John Mayer's Marriage Proposal

It's looking like Katy Perry was once bitten and is now twice shy when it comes to saying "I do!" since she reportedly has declined John Mayer's marriage proposal. The pop princess and former bride of funnyman Russel Brand reportedly responded to guitarist/singer John Mayer's big question of spending the rest of her life with him with a firm "No."

A source revealed to Popcrush that Katy just "doesn't feel ready" and that "John's proposal really unnerved" her. It seems the pair have talked about an upcoming wedding but Katy "thought it was too soon." Mayer apparently "was gutted" by the decline. The insider also revealed that "Katy loves John, but doesn't feel she has had enough healing time since her divorce. She told him she just needed a bit more time to feel whole in herself again."

And according to our calculations, Ms. Perry defied every mathematical rule known to woman by telling Mayer no. Like, who wouldn't say yes to that man???

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