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Katy Perry Launches "Purr"-Fume in London

Katy Perry was at Selfridges in London, England, on Sunday to launch her latest project: "Purr"- fume. The newly wedded wife of comedian/actor Russell Brand revealed her latest project adorned in a beautiful purple dress. The perfume is a direct reflection of Perry's signature style and is available in a Hello Kitty-esque, cat shaped bottle. The scent captures ecclectic hints of peach, apple, green bamboo, jasmine, freesia, Bulgarian rose, vanilla orchid, white amber, sandalwood and musk.

Purr is perhaps best desribe by Perry herself, as she stated to the UK's Daily Mail: "My sense of smell is so important to me. A guy can walk into an elevator wearing Acqua di Gio, and I'm immediately like 'You're my first boyfriend.' I want my fragrance to have that effect on people. I really wanted to develop a scent that was completely unlike anything I'd smelled before and not one that smelled like a knockoff of another scent."

After the unveil, Katy posed with fans and offered autographs.

For more: UK Daily Mail

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