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Kelly Clarkson Announces Pregnancy!

She may be sick as a dog but is apparently loving every minute of it: thirty one year old Kelly Clarkson has stepped forward to announce her first pregnancy! The singer and her husband Brandon Blackstock made the big Twitter announcement on November 19, 2013 and already have made their gender predictions.

Clarkson dropped by the TODAY show to make the press rounds and expressed how she doesn't "know why they call it morning sickness" because she's sick "all dy and all night" yet "super-excited about being pregnant, though." And despite their best attempts and not announcing the baby news until Kelly was well into the second trimester of her pregnancy, she couldn't because she's "been so ill" and "didn't want people to think I was canceling because I'm lazy or something, so we just told people."

She also made a gender prediction despite how early the pregnancy is and apparently how baby brain is already impacting her life. She offered via a Parade interview: "Scientifically, I guess they say - this is going to be too much information - they say if it's later after you ovulate I guess girl sperm lasts longer than boy sperm - I don't know if that's true, my doctor told me that - and I guess mine was late. So there is a scientific reason why I think I'm having a girl."

And it's apparently maternal instinct too! She furthered: "Well, it's gut feeling, too, because she's killing me. And of course it's a girl, right, causing the trouble. So, it's gotta be a girl."

That's some pregnancy logic, eh?

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