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Kelly Clarkson Responds to Kanye West via Blog

The latest celebrity to come to Taylor Swift's defense is fellow VMA nominee Kelly Clarkson, who wrote an open letter to West on her blog regarding his choice to interrupt Swift’s acceptance speech.

“Dear Kanye, what happened to you as a child??" Clarkson wrote. "Did you not get hugged enough?? Something must have happened to make you this way and I think we're all just curious as to what would make a grown man go on national television and make a talented artist, let alone teenager, feel like sh--. I mean, I've seen you do some pretty sh---y things, but you just keep amazing me with your tactless, a--hole ways."

"It's absolutely fascinating how much I don't like you... I even like my a--hole ex that cheated on me over you ... which is pretty odd since I don't even personally know you."

"I was actually nominated in the same category that Taylor won, and I was excited for her ... so why can't you be??" the letter continued. "I'm not even mad at you for being an a--hole ... I just pity you because you're a sad human being."

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