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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Officially Split?

The tabs and rags are raging with the simmering stories of the end of the four year marriage between E! reality star Khloe Kardashian and her basketball playing husband Lamar Odom. Recent reports suggest that in addition to the pair of women who contacted Khloe with cheating allegations, some suspect that Odom has had a series of flings every time he went out of town since they exchanged vows in 2009.

A source close to the Kardashians offered: "Khloe's head is spinning trying to calculate just how many times Lamar cheated on her. She fears that every time he was out of her sight, he may have turned to other women for companionship" to the tune of at least one woman for every 50 weeks he traveled for the NBA. Additionally, Khloe's fears were so strong that she hired a private investigator to track her husband. And uncovered "hundreds of pages" of evidence supporting the cheating claims. The PI's records described Odom flirting with "model types," getting "special services from strippers," and leaving bars, restaurants, and other places with a bevy of beauties who were not his wife.

To worsen matters, Odom also reportedly dished the bragging rights of his sexual conquests to friends according to the source who stated: "Lamar bragged to pals that he was even more virile than his idol - serial cheater Tiger Woods."

The source concluded with how heartbroken and shattered Khloe is as well as: "Lamar's cheating is out of control. The multiple affairs and countless women have been a horrible humiliation for Khloe and her whole family."

Lets all say it for Khloe: Ouch. Then let her laugh all the way to the bank. If a judge finds the allegations to be true in divorce proceedings, Lamar stands to lose an estimated $75 million dollars.

Now lets all say it for Lamar: Ouch.

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