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Kim Kardashian Speaks Up on Allure

Kim Kardashian is the famous Reality TV Star who made headlines with her sextape release and went on to become a celebrity herself from her designated place as Paris Hilton’s Sidekick. Kim Kardashian will appear on the September issue of Allure where she openly talks about things in her life. Kim Kardashian shares the secrets of her beauty and also reveals how she feels about her sextape.
Kim Kardashian says that the sextape she acted in was not one of her proudest moments and remains an extremely humiliating topic for her but she wants to move on from it. Kim Kardashian believes she has replaced all her negative contributions with positive ones.
Kim Kardashian has a fetish for hairlessness! According to the beautiful star, she is obsessed with hair removal being an Armenian. Kim Kardashian just bought a $4 million home which was her love at first sight.
Hard to believe but Kim Kardashian was a daddy’s good girl when she was young and used to read the Bible before going to bed.
Kim Kardashian reveals in the interview that she has learnt good business sense from her father, Lawyer Robert Kardashian.
Kim Kardashian has a following of more than 4.3 million fans on twitter. Her interview will prove to be a good read for the die-hard fans!

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