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Kristen Charbonneau's Murderer Found

Kristen Charbonneau's murderer has been arrested. Carbonneau's family has suspected Daniel Moore, a Fort Worth, Texas businessman, as the murderer for four years. Authorities did not believe them until evidence allowed for Moore's arrest. Police have not commented on the case, as it remains under investigation.

Moore was released from jail Saturday night after paying a $35,000 bond. Kristen Charbonneau was last seen August 11, 2005 leaving Baby Dolls, a Dallas area strip club where she worked, with Moore. Charbonneau was 25 when she disappeared. Her body has not been found.

Charbonneau's father, David Charbonneau has been trying to convince authorities investigating the case that Moore was responsible for his daughter's disappearance. David has been accused of being "crazy, we were just targeting an innocent man that we were destroying his family and we had no proof" he told the CBS affiliate KTVT Friday. He also reported his family's mixed emotions regarding Moore's arrest. "It's like we just lost our daughter again. We were always looking on the Internet that possibly she had gone somewhere else, you always want to believe your children are alive" David stated.

David Charbonneau also reported waking "up every morning and every night looking at my shotgun; it would be the first thing there, and there were many times it would be loaded," David confessed. He also said he would have done "anything to get this man to tell me where my daughter's body was."

Perhaps the investigation in to the disappearance and death of his daughter will shed some light and provide closure for the Charbonneau family.

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