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Kristen Stewart Accepted $500K for 15 Minutes With Unidentified Middle Eastern Prince

Old news is apparently good news when you're whoring yourself out for charity as in the case of Twilight starlet Kristen Stewart. Apparently she accepted a whopping $500,000 dollars "for a charity" in exchange for 15 minutes of her time with an unidentified Middle Eastern prince. And Hollywood exec Harvey Weinstein supposedly facilitated the deal which went down in December 2012.

NY Post's Page Six was first to report Ms. Stewart's exchange company for money. Though the deal falls into morally questionable territory, the cause was good. Stewart gave the money away to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Apparently Weinstein attended the Toronto International Film Festival dished the details. Weinstein himself also managed to relay the back story with how he approached Stewart regarding the prince's request and she immediately questioned: "How much?" He then quipped sarcastically: "My kind of girl." Stewart then apparently met with the prince and a team of body guards in New York City's Madison Square Garden.

What's interesting is how we don't know how what the Prince's motivation was and how the meeting ended other than the Prince paid cash...


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