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Kuwait Fireworks Display Earned Guinness Book of World Record Title

The sky was ablaze over Kuwait on November 11, 2012 when over 77,282 fireworks were launched over the city to celebrate the country's 50th Anniversary. The light show earned the city recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records for the biggest fireworks show of all time. The country blasted over $15 million dollars worth of
colors over Kuwait City to the delight of tens of thousands of citizens and residents on the Arabian Gulf Road along the Persian Gulf. The one hour show featured a brilliant light and laser display in honor of the 50th anniversary of the country. Last night's festivities were part of the country's pledge to national unity in the midst of its present political crisis.

In the days since November 11, 1962 when late emir Sheikh Abdullah al-Salem al-Sabah issued a constitution and established a parliament within Kuwait, the country has seen times of triumph and tragedy. Despite setting the precedent as the first Arab state to become a democracy, the nation's government and opposition have encountered several standoffs. The most recent may be what many experts believe is the worst in the country's history. With political division, protests, riots, rallies, and unrest, attempts to elect a new national assembly were rendered invalid by top Kuwaiti courts. A December 1 poll is expected to occur though many see the emir's attempt to change the electoral law as means of manipulating the ballot. Opponents have declared they will boycott the election in means of protesting what they believe their government has staged as a coup against the very principles which make the country a democracy.

During last night's record breaking event, Shiekh Sabah addressed the people of the nation as they strive for unity, the maintenance and appreciation of democracy, and sharing in the wealth of national resource "for sake of a better future so that homeland may be bestowed with further prosperity and higher international status, so citizens may be bestowed with greater political freedoms, equality and social justice and out of keenness on the welfare of the society and the shura of ruling along with safeguarding the unity and stability of the homeland."

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