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L' Aquila Italy Earthquake

L' Aquila, a walled Medieval town in Italy located 60 miles northeast of Rome, is shaken to the ground by an earthquake on 4/6/09. Buildings crumbled, killing 100 people and injuring approximately 1,500. Some Baroque and Renaissance buildings were severely damaged, including the town's cathedral.

The earthquake occurred at 3:30 am and lasted 30 seconds, and was a magnitude 6.2. Houses fell on top of sleeping residents, and many who attempted to leave the city were unable, due to large boulders that fell and blocked many roads. Rescuers with dogs set out quickly to locate trapped survivors. Because only one operating room in the hospital is usable, doctors are treating patients in the streets surrounding the hospital.

Italy is the most vulnerable region of Europe to earthquakes because of a criss-crossing of two fault lines. One woman of L' Aquila said that regular tremors had occurred for 3 months. And now tens of thousands of people lost their homes. A tent village is being constructed to accommodate up to 20,000 of the 50,000 people who are now homeless.

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