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LaMichael James, Oregon RB, Harassment Charge, Gulty Plea

LaMichael James, running back for the Oregon Ducks, pleaded guilty to a harrassment charge in Lane County Circuit Court on Friday. The misdemeanor charge stems from an argument near James' apartment in February. A judge sentenced James to a ten day sentence starting Friday afternoon. Reports of overcrowding from the Lane County Sheriff's Department and Deputy District Attorney Alex Gardner will perhaps help keep James out of prison but may place him in a "Diversion Program." The football player will also have to spend 24 months on probation as part of the deal his legal counsel settled with prosecutors.

James initally faced five misdemeanor charges: menacing, stragulation, and assault but all but one of the charges were dropped. The February 15, 2010 incident stemmed from a dispute with his former girlfriend during which allegedly "grabbed her neck and pushed her to the ground" during a domestic dispute. In court today, James issued an apology which stated: "I hope to put this matter behind me now and learn from it. I have made a mistake and accept the consequences. I look forward to demonstrating to my university, to my team and to the community that I am a better man than recent events suggest."

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