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The Latest on Hurricane Danielle

Just like the Katrina Hurricane 5 years ago, Hurricane Danielle is taking her time splashing around in the Atlantic high seas and nobody knows where she is going to be headed to wreck havoc on people. Apparently, the experts say that Hurricane Danielle is going to head towards the North or the Northwest depending on the latest developments in the Atlantic. Currently, Hurricane Danielle has a speed of 18-20 mph and has been upgraded to a Category 1 Hurricane.
Hurricane Danielle is moving towards Bermuda and is expected to cross it on the weekend, most probably late Sunday evening. Although the ones in Bermuda might be dreading a hurricane like the Danielle but the locals in Florida must breathe a sigh of relief. Though the residents of the state are pretty used to hurricanes and storms, but the Hurricane Danielle has the markings of one brining potential destruction.
The Hurricane Danielle is headed to the Bermuda Islands for sure but it may take a path that digresses from the one experts have predicted. With Hurricane Danielle being a cause for concern, the other side of North America is equally worried over Hurricane Frank that is floating over the Mexican Coast.

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