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Lawsuit Against Jessica Simpson Filed by Man Who Claims She Earned $800k Using His Baby's Pic

Christopher Hurst, a man who recently filed a lawsuit against singer/reality star/fashion designer Jessica Simpson claiming that she earned a whopping $800k by using his baby's image for a OK! Magazine photo spread. Reports from New Orleans' The Times-Picayne detail the incident happened when Hurst attended a "meet and greet" with Simpson at the Lakeside Shopping Center in Metairie, Louisiana, during 2011 with his teenager and infant.

Hurst insists that when his children and him were close enough to Simpson to request her autograph, someone suggested Simpson hold his baby and a photographer appeared to take several pictures as Simpson was holding the baby. Months later, Hurst realized the photos were reproduced on the cover of the April 16, 2012 issue of OK! magazine in a manner which implied Hurst's baby was Simpson's (though she was still pregnant at the time of publishing with her first baby.)

Hurst maintains that Simpson had a hand in the deal with a payout of over $800k for the first pictures of the baby she was still carrying and intended to profit from the pictures of the baby that was not hers.

The lawsuit was filed in Gretna's 24th Judicial District Court by Hurst and the baby's mother, Tracy Gregory. The baby's parents seek $75k from Getty Images, OK!, and Simpson over the incident because the pictures were taken and distributed without parental permission.

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