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Leonardo DiCaprio Gets a Restraining Order!

Celebrities who look like Leonardo DiCaprio get a lot of stalkers. However, when the obsession reaches epic proportions like the case of Leonardo DiCaprio, then one has to take stringent actions. Leonardo DiCaprio has finally obtained a restraining order against a woman who claims to be his wife and pregnant with his baby. The woman is 41 years old and goes by the name of Livia Bistriceeanu.

On Wednesday, the 25th of August 2010, Judge Carol Boas Goodson granted a restraining order for the benefit of Leonardo DiCaprio. He was asked to submit a sworn declaration which read that Leonardo DiCaprio was actually afraid of the stalker who was obsessed with the actor and had to potential to harm him or the people around him.

The action was taken keeping in view the way Livia Bistriceanu travelled to Los Angeles from Chicago at least twice and planted herself at the property of Leonardo DiCaprio, refusing to leave without meeting the actor. She also sent Leonardo DiCaprio countless handwritten letters which were attached with the declaration of the actor.

The woman addressed Leonardo DiCaprio as “Dear Husband Leo” and claimed that he was the father of her “Baby Jesus”. Scary is what this is.

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