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Lexington, Ky 4th of July Festival Proclaims "Yup, I'm a Racist."

A Lexington, KY 4th of July Festival proclaims "Yup, I'm a racist" by selling wares emblazoned with the statement.  T-shirts proclaiming the statement were sold in an effort to support the constitution and laws regarding immigration, trade, and freedom of speech. 

Greg Skilling, a writer for the Louisville Independent Examiner, armed himself with a hand held camera and interviewed people surrounding a craft booth claiming "patriotism."  Skilling asked vendors and patrons "explain to me what you're thinking about this?" while pointing to the "yup, I'm a racist" wares.  People responded quickly and with fervor with statements like "because it's what we support," "they're trying to take our rights away," "we're trying to protect our country" and described the feeling that government is not accurately representing the nation's citizens and leaves very little room for interpretation.

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