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Leyla Ghobadi's Star Confession: Kanye West Cheated on Pregnant Girlfriend Kim Kardashian

Well, they aren't married but a 24 year old Canadian model has offered a confessional to Star Magazine regarding the relationship dynamic between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The woman, identified as Leyla Ghobadi has dished that Kanye cheated on pregnant girlfriend, Kim, with Ghobadi. What's worse, Ghobadi insists that Kanye's only with Kim to bolster his career and that the information he has shared with Ghobadi is enought to "destroy the Kardashian family."

Ghobadi has stepped forward with the claims because of the age old reasoning, in her words to Star, "if I were Kim and about to have a baby, I would want to know." Apparently, per Ghobadi's story, she met Kanye in July 2012 in New Jersey while he was performing at the Atlantic City's Revel's Ovation Hall. Kim was reportedly also at the show yet Kanye instructed a road hand to escort Ghobadi backstage, out for drinks, and "back to his hotel room." Ghobadi reportedly refused because she "felt it was too rushed" so Kanye gave her free tickets and passes to the next performance. Ghobadi attended but again refused his offer of joining him at his hotel after the concert - this time due to "concern that he was seeing Kim Kardashian." That's when Kanye confided he was with Kim "for publicity" and the relationship with her was "nothing serious." So Ghobadi conceded to the hotel room invitation and, in her words, made "out for a while and next thing I knew, we were both naked and having sex." Ghobadi then met Kanye again in New York during October after Kim announced her pregnancy (and was in Florida) though refused to again hook up with him because she "would never do that to someone."

So far representatives for Kanye (conveniently) have not offered comment. Kardashian's representatives (predictably) have denied the claims. If you want more, go here.

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