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Liberal Radio Host Stephanie Miller Is a Lesbian!

 Many of you out there will be familiar with the name Stephanie Miller especially if you listen to the Radio while driving to work in the morning. The best part about listening to the famous Radio host Stephanie Miller is that she has a fresh sense of humor that is equally appealing and infuriating. Stephanie Miller recently came out on her morning show and announced to the world, in general, and her fans, in particular, that she is a lesbian.

Apparently Stephanie Miller got inspired by Chely Wright who appeared on her show on Friday. What a fitting guest, we must say.

Right before breaking her biggest secret to the listenership, Stephanie Miller tried to prepare them for what was coming.  She tweeted via her Twitter account something along the lines of how she has something to share with her fans. Right after Stephanie Miller announced her preference for women, she started getting lots of support calls from her listeners.

Stephanie Miller is 48 years old and a great stand-up comic adored by her fans. Stephanie Miller even had her own TV show aired on MSNBC for a while. Stephanie Miller has never been married. Way to go, Stephanie Miller!


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