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Lindsay Lohan Back to Tweeting and Partying Hard

Lindsay Lohan fails to ever keep out of the news and this time the fans will be happy. Lindsay Lohan disappeared from Twitter since July 20th 2010 when the surrender to jail was confirmed. It seems like Lindsay Lohan is coming back to life and its her “old” life, no less. Many friends and loved ones are concerned that Lindsay Lohan is falling into old routine and that her recovery is not going to last.

Lindsay Lohan was last seen at a stoplight whilst driving and that’s what she tweeted about the first time she actually signed in to Twitter after her jail fiasco. Lindsay Lohan expressed her disapproval at photographers getting shots when people are driving or waiting for the traffic light to change. The photos of Lindsay Lohan made quite a noise after her rehabilitation where she was shown to be wearing headphones and posing with an energy drink. Are we fooled by the energy drink?

That was a pretty good stunt. The grape vine says that Lindsay Lohan won’t be able to stay out of trouble for long. Although miss controversy keeps on promising that she’ll be focused about her work and stay out of trouble, whilst staying sober, all of us are aware its too soon to predict or promise anything. Once Lindsay Lohan tastes the night life again, it would be hard for her to not fall back into her old ways.

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