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Lindsay Lohan on Maxim Cover September 2010 Issue

Perhaps trying to make a return to grace, Lindsay Lohan will be the cover girl for Maxim's September 2010 issue. Because of the American public's fascination with Lohan, the issue full of Lindsay Lohan pictures is sure to be a best seller for Maxim.

Maxim is widely regarded as the premier men's magazine and by doing an interview and photo shoot with them, Lindsay Lohan is clearly trying to regain the spotlight after her fall from grace.

The Lindsay Lohan Maxim pics will feature Lohan in a black and white striped bikini.  According to sources the photos are tasteful and intended to re-establish Lohan as one of the most desirable women in the US.

Click to see the pictures:  Lindsay Lohan Maxim Photos September 2010

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