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Lindsay Lohan Planning to Pen Tell All

Attention Lindsay Lohan fans! The former child star turned trainwreck is planning to pen a tell all! That's right world: the autobiography has been shopped and likely bought by the New York City based Waxman Leavall literary agency which means the book shall be a highly marketed best seller detailing the twenty seven year old's version of her own debauchery! Plus, best of all, chatter about the book is everywhere thanks to the televised meeting between Lohan and Waxman Leavall airing on the OWN series Lohan is filming.

The book is set to include all of the grit and glory of her twenty four year plus acting career, drug abuse, multiple arrests, love life, family secrets, and more. It is going to be based upon journal entries she used as therapy during one of her rehab stints and the only true focus will be to "open every part of" her existence.

The tell all could earn as much as six figures for the often troubled Lindsay who has apparently returned to the recording studio to complete a vocal album.

Which leaves us to wonder: where does she get the energy? Oh yeah...

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