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Lindsay Lohan's Jail Term Offers Worth $1 Million

Lindsay Lohan's jail term offers are worth $1 million dollars.  Page Six reports that an undisclosed source close to Lohan dished that the troubled star is "in demand.  The bidding is over $500,000 for the rights to the pre-jail interview, the prison diary, and the first chat when she is released.  But Lindsay is still convinced she'll get a reduced term - even if she has to go to rehab afterwards for longer.  She has spoken to a number of lawyers over the weekend."

Lohan tried to hire attorney Stuart V. Goldberg to represent her interests regarding the probation violation suit which sentenced her to 90 days at Lyncourt.  Talks with Goldberg fell through over the weekend of July 10, 2010.  Lohan reached Robert Shapiro, defender of OJ Simpson, to file a bid to overturn the 90 day sentence beginning July 20, 2010.

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