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Lisa Rinna Gets Lip Reduction: Before, After Pictures

While promoting her new reality series with Harry Hamlin, Lisa Rinna revealed that she recently had lip reduction surgery to make her signature trout pout smaller. The Lisa Rinna before and after pictures show the results of the lip surgery.

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin star in "Harry Loves Lisa" on TV Land, premiering October 6.

When Lisa Rinna had the opportunity to get surgery to reduce her lip size, she jumped at the chance, since she's always taken a ton of heat for her full lips.

Rinna is meeting some criticism now with the timing of her reality show and the news that she had the lip reduction procedure, with many saying that Rinna's surgery is a publicity stunt. After all, the procedure will be documented on Harry Loves Lisa.

Lisa Rinna is still in the process of healing, which takes six months overall. She had the surgery in August.

Source: TV Crunch

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