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Lissette Lee Nabbed for 500 Pounds of Marijuana

Lissette Lee nabbed for 500 pounds of marijuana.  The Californian socialite was picked up by Drug Enforcement Agency in Columbus, Ohio on her fourth return trip from Columbia.  Lee was paid $60,000 each trip to sneak 28 suitcases full of brick marijuana onto her private jet with her bodyguard and two assistants in tow.  

Airport staff in Columbus, Ohio noticed "suspicious behavior" upon the arrival of Lee's private jet.  Airport staff observed Lee's assistants help baggage workers unload excessive amounts of hefty baggage and called DEA agents.  The agents arrived on the scene and collected evidence enough to issue a warrant.  Officials seized over 500 pounds of marijuana, arrested Lee and her entourage, and found more evidence within Lee's handbag.  Lee allegedly had three cell phones, cocaine, marijuana, and presumably a "drug transaction" ledger with business totaling $300,000 dollars.

Lee has been held without bail until her first court appearance on June 18, 2010.  If Lee is found guilty, she faces well over $2 million dollars in fines and a forty year prison term.

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