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Lizzie Miller on Glamour

I'm seriously thinking about subscribing to Glamour. They finally get it. They might be one of the first fashion magazines that does after putting plus sizer Lizzi Miller in the magazine. She's gorgeous for taking part and being confident of her body.

lizzie miller on glamour

This is exactly what America needs, more beautiful confident, healthy looking women who arent afraid of who they are.

You go girl!

"Glamour readers are fangirling like crazy over “plus size” model Lizzi Miller.

Miller turned heads in the latest issue because of the simple fact that she resembles most readers of the fashion mag. Miller, 20, is a size 12-14 and not even technically “plus sized,” but her curvy shape is still alien to the airbrushed pages even of slightly progressive Glamour magazine." via Inquisitr

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